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More components
More components are here
(added 2010-08-25 )

Several good components
In download components section: http://delphi7.net/info/downloads/
(added 2009-04-09 )

Delphi 7 Personal (keys only)
You can request a registration key for Delphi 7 personal on this page. You must already have Delphi 7 Personal on a disc to use this key.
(added 2009-02-05 )

Everybody welcome
Everybody welcome on the Delphi 7 site. Borland Delphi 7 is still very powerful RAD (Rapid Application Development) With Delphi 7 you can produce dll's independent code, all-in-one Exe file.
(added 2009-02-04 )

Delphi 2009
(added 2009-01-30 )

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